These heavy weapons require both hands to wield and may grant a bonus to your damage based on your strength, (this is a legacy helpfile note and possibly no longer implemented). They also generally hit as hard as standard weapons that are 2-3 Sklill requirement Levels higher. This means that strong Races such as Giants, Half-Orcs and the like are best suited to wielding them. The only Class with access to this skill currently are Fighters (including Multi's). Long scabbards such as those from Mirrortown may be used to house these weapons, as well as most bags, but be aware the great weight of Two-Handed weapons may mean that they cannot be stored in these items.

Races with modifiers to this skill include Elves (-5), Faeries (-20), Giants (+15) and Halflings (-20).

Fighters may also Specialise in Two-Handed twice, gaining +5 each time they do so.

Certain magical effects have been known to grant a temporary +5 bonus too. (Q.I)

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Type Notes
Bastard Sword 0 1st Norbert (Vendor) Mirrortown Slash
Miner's Pick 0 1st "take tool" Tyrnafar, Silver Mine Pierce
Woodcutter's Axe 0 1st Birkir Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island Slash
Battered Black Sword 7 2st Evil Balrog Whelp Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Slash Damage special
Iron Broadsword 7 2st Norbert (Vendor) Mirrortown Slash
Bronze Hammer 7 2st Giant Cleric Aldersford, Temple of Rehann Bash
Pickaxe 7 2st Dwarf miner Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge Bash
Polished Shamsheer 7 2st Gnoll Captain NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp Slash Extra damage at night, less during day
Shovel 7 2st Grave Digger Aldersford, Temple of Rehann Slash "dig"
Two-Handed Sword 7 2st Orc Soldier Valley of the Orcs, Fortress Slash
Polished Shamsheer 10 2st Large Orc Withered Peaks, Gnome Village Slash
Elf Thighbone 11 2st Witchdoctor Jungle, Cannibal Camp Bash Damage desc use Slash
Heavy Claymore 15 2st Norbert (Vendor) Mirrortown Slash
Large Rock 15 2st Chaos Worshipper Drakenwood, Underground Caves Slash
War Sword 15 2st Large Orc Withered Peaks, Gnome Village Slash
Battle Axe 18 3st Dwarven Hero Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Outpost Slash
Beaten Sword 18 3st Eldar's Bodyguard Withered Peaks, Rocky Outcrop Slash
Huge Hobgoblin Sword 18 3st Arrogant Hobgoblin Guard Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Slash
Short Two-Handed Sword 18 3st Gloap Aldersford, Fighter Guild Slash
Sledgehammer 18 4st Berkins Drakenwood Bash
Sledgehammer 18 6st Prisoner Drakenwood, Sewers Bash
Steel Broadsword 18 3st Ugly Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill Slash
Gleaming Sword 26 3st Sheriff Aldersford, Hobbitsville Slash
Lochaber Axe 26 3st Lytira (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Slash
Stone Axe 26 3st Dwarf Statue Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge Slash
Barbed Great Axe 30 4st Orog Valena, Rolling Hills Slash
Black Sword 30 3st Balrog Whelp Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (10D) Slash Extra damage special
Cruel Great Axe 30 4st Orog Valena, Rolling Hills Slash
Gnome Sword 30 3st Gnome Militia Captain Withered Peaks, Gnome Village Slash
Old Axe 30 3st Huge Giant Withered Peaks, Giant House Slash
Wicked Great Axe 30 4st Orog Valena, Rolling Hills Slash
Vicious Great Axe 30 4st Orog Valena, Rolling Hills Slash
Axe of the Green Knight 33 3st The Green Knight Miathorn, Battlefield Slash
Heavy, Two-Handed Broadsword 33 3st Guy of Gisbourne Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Slash Wears quickly
Huge Spiked Club 33 3st Shagrat Torelorn Mountains, Bugbear Caves Bash
Wicked Axe 33 3st Shagwart Torelorn Mountains, Bugbear Caves Slash
Cow's Yoke 37 4st Oak Drakenwood, Watermill
Elven Hunter 37 4st Ettin Beast Withered Peaks, Giant House Bash Extra damage vs Elves
Giants Axe 37 4st Small Giant Outland, Tomb of Thebus Slash Giant only
Holy Sword 37 4st Dreamer the Paladin Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (15U) Slash/Holy Righteous+ req, Extra damage vs. Undead/Evil
Iron Skillet 37 4st Belen Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep Slash
Sunblade 45 4st Cpt. Gruk Torelorn Mountains, Bugbear Caves Slash Light source if wielded
Iron Flamberge 48 4st Orr Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Slash
Maliki's honour 48 4st Thomas Hood Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp Slash Damage specials
Sharp Greatsword 48 4st Vicious Thug Drakenwood, Sewers Slash
Big Wooden Branch 48 4st Goober the Giant Drakenwood, Sewers Bash
Ceremonial Longsword 52 5st N/A Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep Slash
Bloodied Two-Handed Sword 52 5st Ogre Guard Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves Slash
Large Scythe 52 5st Artur Milton Drakenwood, Watermill Slash
Bloodied Hammer 56 5st Ogre Scout Leader Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves Bash Damage special
Bronze Battle Axe 56 5st Warrior Swamp, Lizardmen Caves Slash
Dark Sword 56 5st Maelroth, Priest of Arioch Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid Slash Damage specials vs. Good?
Heavy Pickaxe 56 5st Digging Ogre Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves Pierce
Iron Broadsword 56 5st Bodyguard Omanii Desert, Evil Nomad Camp Slash
Ivory Sword 56 5st Tammuz Realm of Illusion Slash
Large Sharp Rock 56 5st Skeletal Miner Tyrnafar, Silver Mine
Miner's Pick 56 5st Skeletal Miner Tyrnafar, Silver Mine
Stained Greatsword 56 5st Lrur Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Slash
Bronze Greatsword 63 5st Orog Leader Rosfarren, Orog Camp Slash
Double-headed Axe 63 5st Grugrath Drakenwood, Sewers Slash
Flamberge 63 5st Sailor Zombie Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern Slash
Large Maul 63 5st Hrun Tyrnafar, Barbarian Camp Bash
Battle Axe 67 6st Captain Durnak Drakenwood, Sewers Slash
Battle Axe 67 6st Various Orcs Greaty Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event
Damaged Bastard Sword 67 6st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event Slash
Large Bronze Claymore 67 6st Massive Orog Rosfarren, Orog Camp Slash
Large Guard's Axe 67 6st Gartok the Bank Guard Tyrnafar, Rathowen Slash
Orc Maul 67 6st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event Bash
Swift Warsword 67 6st Sufya Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Slash Bonus attacks special
A Dwarfish Axe 68 Oregrinder the Guard Drakenwood Slash
Ivory Broadsword 71 6st Cardin Fighter Sherwood, Cardin's Land Slash
Two-Handed Sword 71 6st Brej Andurin Ocean, Heipvaraga Island Slash
Captain's Broadsword 75 6st Guard Captain Omanii Desert, Temple of Ogkma Slash
Huge Rock Hammer 75 6st Dwarf Mason Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Bash
Mahogany Club 75 6st Native Warrior Andurin Ocean, Wolumbo Island Bash
The Widow Maker 75 6st Reynard Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep Slash
Shamsheer 81 6st Tarakhul Alforpia, Castle Slash
Dwarf Pride 82 6st Dwarf Warden Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Slash Damage specials for Dwarves
Heavy, Two-Handed Sword 82 6st Guard Silas Drakenwood Slash
Runic Claymore 82 6st Yuri Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island Slash & Elemental Runic: Ful (Fire) OR Snaer (Water) then also Varr (Air) OR Steinn (Earth)
Claymore 86 7st Godfred Andurin Ocean, Heipvaraga Island Slash
Diamond Sword 86 7st Cardin Sherwood, Cardin's Land Slash
Heavy Guard's Sword 86 7st Ovak Aldersford, Bank Slash
Huge Iron Sword 86 7st Guard Agnik Drakenwood Slash Giants only
Wilkinsons' Sword 86 7st Wilkinson Outland, Tomb of Thebus Slash
Bastard Sword 90 5st Graves Jungle, Ruins of Sparsis Slash Hybrid Blade/2H, damage/heal specials based on moons/time, Immune to Disarm?
Mithril Flamberge 90 7st Champion Valena, Katkunra's Tomb Slash Stun special
Great Axe 93 7st Agaroth Andurin Ocean, Isle of Dread Slash
Iron Bar 93 7st Warden Valena, Ruined Castle Slash
Sword of Thebus 93 7st Skeletal King Outland, Tomb of Thebus Slash Damage/heal specials, wears fast
Hammer of the Smith 101 8st Wayland Smith Valena, Ruined Caravan Bash Hybrid Blunt/2H, wieldable only in both hands by Giants with natural Str 35. One Plated, never wears.
Heavy Claymore 105 8st Brann Valena, Silendria Keep Slash
Soul Sword 108 9st Deva Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (19U) Slash Saintly req, Extra damage special
Stone Warhammer 108 9st Stonefist Drakenwood Bash
Sword of Power 108 9st Cacodaemon Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (19D) Slash Neg. align. needed, 3 round stun specials (may backfire if Nice+)
Engraved Great Axe 120 Argalrax (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Slash
Flaming Bastard Sword 120 6st Troll Chief Mirrortown, Troll Caves Slash/Fire Hybrid Blade/2H, damage specials
DwarfsBane 131 11st Duergar Champion Underdark, Duergar Tunnels Bash Extra damage vs. Dwarves, destroyed by sunlight, Dwarves cant use
Great Sword 131 11st Argalrax Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Slash Height restrict. (Tall)
Holy Reaver 131 11st Lord Fondelbois Great Western Highway (Appears after Tawl is killed) Slash/Holy Fighter/Cleric or Cleric/Fighter only, Extra Damage special vs. Evil
Unholy Sword of Thoth 131 11st Death Knight Underdark, Crypt Slash/Unholy -Align. to wield or it destroys itself
Silver Battleaxe 131 11st Rand Valena, Silendria Keep Slash
Sedran Bastard Sword 150 12st Captain Randor Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Slash Hybrid Blade/2H