Shields function just as Armour does, but use the Shields skill to determine if you may wear them and whether you reduce incoming damage with them. As they have this ability they require the use of a hand to hold them. Shields tend to be heavy items and the limbs they cover varies. Fighters possess some techniques that utilise their Shields but Monks (including Multi-Classes) cannot wear them at all!

The only Race with modifiers to this skill are Lizardmen (+5).

Notes: Shields will claim that they can cover many limbs, but in practice cover less, this is because they ten to cover the Secondary Hand and/or Arm by default but are not limited to them. Thus listed below are limbs covered when worn by a standard humanoid with Primary Right Hand.

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Covers Notes
Diluvials' Shield 0/15 1st Diluvial Outland, Tomb of Thebus +/+/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++ Best "0 Skill" item
Giant Ant Carapace 0 10lbs Giant Ant NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels N/A Requires Altering
Gnoll Shield 0 10lbs Gnoll Scout NewbieLand +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Small Carapace from a Baby Ant 0 8lbs Baby Ant NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels N/A Requires Altering
Tortoise Shell 0 10lbs Tortoise Jungle +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Wooden Shield 0 10lbs Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Wooden Shield 0 10lbs Various Gnolls NewbieLand, Lake +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Carapace from a Giant Ant 0 10lbs Giant Ant NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels N/A Requires Altering
Carapace from a Guard Ant 5 12lbs Guard Ant NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels N/A Requires Altering
Light Iron Shield 5 12lbs Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Oak Shield 5 12lbs Koreth Valena, Brenhaven +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Old Shield 5 12lbs  Guard Alforpia, Castle


Wicker Shield 5 12lbs Kobold Chief Newbie Forest, Kobold Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Wooden Shield 5 12lbs Orc Guard Valley of the Orcs,  Fortress +/T/LA/++/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Amazon Shield 15 1st Various Amazons Jungle, Amazon Village +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Battle Shield 15 1st Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Bone Shield 15 1st Skeleton Omanii Desert, Pharaoh's Pyramid +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Large Carapace from a Warrior Ant 15 1st Warrior Ant NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels N/A Requires Altering
Pan Lid 15 1st Cook Clarence Drackenwood, Docks
Small Buckler 15 1st Lucian Drakenwood, Sewers +/T/++/LH/++/++/++/RH/++/++
Studded Orc Shield 15 1st Orc Squad-Leader Withered Peaks, Gnome Village
Baking Tray 25 1st Morticia Alluveai's Forest, Addams House +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Eagle Crested Shield 25 1st Holy Eagle Squire Miathorn, Battlefield +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Huge Carapace from the Queen Ant 25 1st Queen Ant NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels N/A Requires Altering
Round Bone Shield 25 1st Guardian Omanii Desert, Pharaoh's Pyramid +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Royal Shield 25 1st Royal Guard Alforpia, Castle



Steel Buckler 25 1st Lytira (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Wooden Tower Shield 30 1st Troglodyte Chieftain Drakenwood, Sewers +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++ Height req.
Rounded Shield 35 1st Logan Drakenwood, Sewers +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Silver Shield 35 2st Silver Knight Miathorn, Battlefield +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Steel Golem Shield 35 1st Golem Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (12U) +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Wooden Shield 35 1st Barbarian Tyrnafar, Barbarian Camp +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Embossed Round Shield 45 1st Keruhulr Tyrnafar, Bear Keep +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Round Lid 45 1 st Manus Egan Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Studded Medium Shield 45 1st Shabby Sewerjack Drakenwood, Sewers H/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Animal-Skin Shield 55 1st Drunken Poacher Alforpia, Poacher Camp +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Bloodied Wooden Shield 55 1st Ogre Guard Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Bronze Shield 55 1st Tough Orog Rosfarren, Orog Camp +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Crystalline Shard 55 1st Susuruss Rosfarren, Adandoned Mine +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Metal Shield 55 1st Bodyguard Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Sand Coloured Shield 55 1st Bodyguard Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Silver Shield 55 1st Silver Knight Miathorn, Battlefield +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Wooden Shield 55 1st Guard Alforpia, Castle +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Eagle Crested Shield 60 1st Eagle Squire Miathorn, Battlefield
Bronze Shield 65 2st Guardian Swamp, Lizardmen Caves +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Old Beaten Shield 65 2st Walking Corpse Sherwood, Burial Chambers +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Round Hide Shield 65 2st Various Guards Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry H/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Scorpion Shield 65 2st Skeleton Guard Tyrnafar, Silver Mine +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++ Prot. vs. Poison.
Studded Leather Shield 65 2st Orog Captain Rosfarren, Orog Camp +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++
Round Hide Shield 65 2st Shane Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry
Aegis Shield 75 2st Captain Cathal Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry H/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++ Issues with alteration
Blue Steel Shield 75 2st Chieftain Brand Andurin Ocean, Svartgard +/+/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Wolf Shield 85 2st Guard Alyssa Drakenwood +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Large Falcon Shield 85 Sword Wraith Andurin Ocean, Isle of Dread +/T/++/++/++/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Demon Shield 95 2st Lesser Demon Sherwood, Burial Chambers +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++ Neg. align. needed
Hairy Spider Carapace 95 2st Huge Spider (search webs) Underdark, Crypt +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++ May need Repaired & Altered, % chance to spawn as Shield
Nether Shield 95 2st Evil Cleric Underdark, Crypt +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++ Better if Demonic?
Round Shield 95 2st Marc Valena, Silendria Keep +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Shield of Defence 95 2st Guardian Mirrortown, Tower of Trials +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++ "defend". 20 secs of 25% damage reduction. 4 min cooldown.
Valean Shield 95 2st Cpt. Karne Valena, Brenhaven +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Buckler Shield 105 2st Volitor (Vendor) Ethelri-Cithan +/+/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Medium Shield 105 2st Sir Promethius Great Western Highway
Paladin Shield 105 2st Jerin/Lucas Valena, Silendria Keep +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Silver Shield 105 2st Various Guards Drakenwood +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Wooden Shield 115 3st Fat Ogre Underdark, Crypt +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Round Steel Shield 125 3st Guard Blasius Aerdy, High Pass +/T/LA/LH/++/++/RA/RH/++/++
Spider Shield 125 3st Drow Guard Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Large Spider Shield 135 3st Elite Drow Guard Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Sterford Watch Shield 135 3sr Watch Guard Aerdy, Sterford +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/++/++/++/++
Jet Shield 155 4st Talena Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan +/T/LA/LH/++/++/++/++/++/++