Ranging from small and delicate shortbows to enormous longbows to compact and heavy crossbows, Projectile weaponry uses Ammunition to deliver its damage (Arrows for bows, Quarrels for crossbows and Bullets for slings). The weapon itself does lend to the effect in combat however and Projectile weapons use the wielders dexterity rather than strength meaning certain Races have a distinct advantage with them. They have the greatest armour penetration ability of any weapon and Rangers are the masters of Projectile weaponry, though some Rogues use them to deliver their poisons. Projectile weapons do tend to be weighty and their Ammunition oft necessitates the carrying of a quiver.

Note: Projectiles do not have a Damage Type, that being the province of their Ammunition.

Races with modifiers to this skill include Elves (+5) and Halflings (+10).

Certain magical effects and Items have been known to grant a temporary +5 bonus too. (Q.I)

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Notes
Gnoll Bow 0 1st Various Gnolls NewbieLand, Lake
Goblin Short Bow 0 1st Goblin Archer Withered Peaks, Dwarf Forge
Handcrafted Short Bow 0 1st Thren (Vendor) Drakenwood
Pixie Bow 0 1st Various Pixies NewbieLand, Pixie Village
Short Bow 0 1st Archer Newbie Forest, Kobold Camp
Small Shortbow 0 1st Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Light Ash Shortbow 0 1st Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Yew Bow 5 1st Tawny Jungle, Amazon Village
Ash Longbow 10 1st Various Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp
Light Crossbow 10 1st Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Elven Bow 15 1st Mellorwyn Alluveai's Forest, Elf House
Handcrafted Composite Bow 15 2st Thren (Vendor) Drakenwood
Short Bow 15 2st Hobbit Guard Aldersford, Hobbitsville
Smooth Shortbow 15 2st Ragged Hunter Withered Peaks, Rocky Outcrop
Polished Longbow 20 2st Knox Aldersford, Thornie Woods
Handcrafted Long Bow 25 2st Thren (Vendor) Drakenwood
Powerful Ash Longbow 25 2st Guardian Woodsman Sherwood, Confusing Forest
Yew Shortbow 30 2st Mungo Guard Drakenwood, Windmill
Iron Tipped Longbow 35 2st Court Patrol Guard Sherwood, Nottingham Castle
Small Shortbow 35 2st "search shelves"- Rosfarren, Gnome Village
Steel Crossbow 35 2st Uncle Fester Alluveai's Forest, Addams House
Barbed Crossbow 40 2st Various Orogs Valena, Rolling Hills
Cruel Crossbow 40 2st Various Orogs Valena, Rolling Hills
Vicious Crossbow 40 2st Various Orogs Valena, Rolling Hills
Wicked Crossbow 40 2st Various Orogs Valena, Rolling Hills
Oak Longbow 45 3st Eyar Tyrnafar, Bear Keep
Scout's Bow 45 3st Hunter Rosfarren, Gnome Village
Black Crossbow 50 3st Ras Tilman Drakenwood, Night Delvers Pipe
Leather Sling 50 3st Leader Rosfarren, Gnome Village
Longbow 50 3st Minotaur Outland, Tomb of Thebus
Strong Bow 50 3st Lizardman Scout Swamp, Lizardmen Caves
Blackfirl Shortbow 55 3st Urivikh Tyrnafar, Bear Keep
Guards's Crossbow 55 3st Guardsman Omanii Desert, Temple of Ogkma Damage special
Hunter's Bow 55 3st Lecarte Tyrnafar, Rathowen
Large Dark Crossbow 55 3st Glowering Orog Rosfarren, Orog Camp
Bow Of Accuracy 60 3st Daryl Realm of Illusion
Hide Longbow 60 3st Rmalm Tyrnafar, Bear Keep
Beech Longbow 65 4st Scout Sherwood, Cardin's Land
Crude Wooden Bow 65 4st Poacher Alforpia, Poacher Camp
Centaur Short Bow 70 4st Centaur Hunter Alforpia, Wild Forest
Centaur Hunting Bow 75 4st Centaur Hunter Alforpia, Wild Forest
Bone Bow 80 4st Aldric, Disciple of the Forest Outland, Tomb of Thebus
Oaken Shortbow 85 4st Isen Valena, Ruined Castle Special?
Oaken Longbow 90 5st Various Guards Valena, Ruined Castle Special?
Beech Longbow 95 5st Garin Valena, Brenhaven Mob may spawn with this or Shortbow
Beech Shortbow 95 5st Garin Valena, Brenhaven Mob may spawn with this or Longbow
Heavy Crossbow 100 5st Yellow Musk Creeper Underdark, Crypt
White Shortbow 100 4st Jaric Valena, Silendria Keep
Elven Longbow 105 5st Brabus Valena, Silendria Keep
Recurved Bow 115 6st Camlach Valena, Silendria Keep
Bow Of The Divine 130 7st Tawl Valena, Silendria Keep Holy?

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