The Monks of Drakenwood are a secretive bunch. From what little has been seen publicly of them, they tend toward long, flowing robes and move with a catlike grace. In combat they are incredibly fast, using martial arts moves that are both graceful and deadly. There seems to be another side to them, an almost Mystical air, which could perhaps explain some of the abilities they use!

Many Monks begin focused on their physical abilities, with an increasing understanding and wisdom often leading them to change to a focus on the mind at later levels.

Permitted Armour: Cloth.

Wizard in Charge: Avn
Deputy Wizards: Quark, Oriel


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
Secondary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Primary


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Secondary Blunt: Secondary Insight: Secondary Bargaining: Secondary
Attack: Tertiary Projectile: Secondary Chi: Primary
Defence: Primary Polearm: Secondary Riding: Tertiary
Melee: Primary Staff: Secondary

Guild Hall

Location: Along the Great Western Highway towards Omanii Desert (See Maps).

Directions to Drakenwood Square: w, 2nw, n, nw, ne, 3e, 2ne, 21e, []

Directions from Drakenwood Square: [],. 21w, 2sw, 3w, sw, se, s, 2se, e

Guild Features

  • A library with good newbie guides.

  • Barfus the annoying little gimp!

  • Tarquinn the cook, where you can throw old food in a pot and he'll make a free stew for all the Guild!

  • Raquel the alchemist, where you can buy Starch and Sewing Kits.

  • Thomas, a vendor.

  • A surprisingly smoke-free secret Hero room...

Monk Abilities

Name Level Stat/Skill Description State
Monk Pose 0 Chi Display your prowess to all online None/None
Sew 5 Defence Use a Sewing Kit to repair Cloth Armour & Cloaks None/None
Stance 5 Melee Assume one of 4 Stances to improve Volatile Effects None/None
Pummel 10 Melee Raises Strength for 1-2 rounds Physical/Offensive
Spin 10 Melee +2 Dex for a few rounds, stacks up to 3 times Physical/Offensive
Backflip 15 Melee Leave combat with no AOO Physical/Defensive
Block 15 Defence Lower foes APR by 1 Physical/Defensive
Kick 25 Melee Damaging attack, lowers foes Defence briefly Physical/Offensive
Reiki 25 Chi Heal/Mend/Prevent Bloodloss/Regeneration spell Chi/Defensive
Starch 25 Defence Allows use of Starch Kits from guild None/None
Awareness 30 Defence Raises Defence greatly, ticks down over time Physical/Defensive
Stun 30 Melee Stun foe for several rounds Physical/Offensive
Chi Shield 35 Chi Raises Magical Armour & lowers MP until deactivated Chi/Defensive
Palm 35 Chi Damagic spell Chi/Offensive
Punch 35 Melee Damaging attack, lowers foes APR briefly Physical/Offensive
Step 40 Defence Raise Defence for a few rounds Physical/Defensive
Subdue 40 Chi Cause foe to stop attacking you Chi/Defensive
Healing Hands 45 Chi Heal/Cure Poison Chi/Defensive
Yadomijitsu 45 Melee Lowers Projectile damage & MP until deactivated Physical/Defensive
Chi Haste 50 Chi Raises APR & lowers MP until deactivated Chi/Offensive
Blind 55 Melee Blinds foe and lowers their Dexterity for a while Physical/Offensive
Free Action 55 Defence Immunity to Stun, lowers MP until deactivated Physical/Defensive
Advanced Punch 60 Melee Enhanced effectiveness Physical/Offensive
Cacophony 60 Chi Cause a foe to attack another Chi/Offensive
Focus 65 Chi Improve HP, SP or MP regeneration until deactivated None/Defensive
Improved Kick 70 Melee Enhanced effectiveness Physical/Offensive
Improved Reiki 70 Chi Enhanced effectiveness Chi/Defensive
Improved Awareness 75 Defence Enhanced effectiveness Physical/Defensive
Enhanced Yado 80 Melee Enhanced effectiveness & works vs. Magic Physical/Defensive
Presence 80 Chi Attempt to Subdue all in a room Chi/Defensive
Advanced Healing Hands 85 Chi Enhanced effectiveness Chi/Defensive
Eroding Palm 85 Chi Damage over time effect that can stack up to 3 times Chi/Offensive
Premonition 90 Chi Raises dodge chance & lowers MP until deactivated Chi/Defensive
Advanced Reiki 95 Chi Enhanced effectiveness Chi/Defensive
Assault 95 Melee Improved version of Pummel Physical/Offensive
Mass Cacophony 100 Chi Cause all in a room to attack one another Chi/Offensive
Chi Storm 105 Chi Damaging area spell Chi/Offensive
Force of Will 105 Chi Causes Melee to ignore armour for a few rounds Chi/Offensive
Improved Premonition 110 Chi Enhanced effectiveness Chi/Defensive
Counter 115 Melee Used during Block, makes next Ability more effective Physical/Defensive
Focused Chi Storm 125 Chi Allows Chistorm to target single foe Chi/Offensive
Drop Kick 130 Melee Damaging attack & damaging spell at once Physical/Offensive
Quivering Palm 140 Chi Damaging spell with extra limb damage Chi/Offensive

Monk States

Monks are really 5 Classes in one, being able to shift from a focus on impressive healing to magical damage to brutal combat ability to dedicated dodging over time. They do this by meditating on their Disposition and Posture,  which are bars with two extremes at either end, or by using abilities which swing those bars acording to the ability used.

This means that when a Monk uses Punch, their bars move towards a more Physical and Offensive style. If they used Reiki, they would move a little towards Chi and Defensive. Wherever a bar is, Monks gain bonuses or penalties to the effectiveness of some abilities that use that Disposition or Posture, called Volatile Effects.

In essence, this means that Monks often spend time with their bars at extremes depending on the Players preferred style of play. Someone who likes kicking the heads off passing Rogues would be best suited to a purely Physical/Offensive setup...and they can always decide to change to another at any given time!

Powerful as this adaptability is, having your States at an extreme lowers the effectiveness of abilities that use the opposite. Our Physical/Offensive Rogue-kicker would have an Awareness skill of someone with completely neutral Bars (the bonus from Physical is canceled by the negative from Offensive) and may even be unable to use Chi/Defensive abilites at all.

Yes, Monks can be prevented from even using opposing abilities when completely focused on one thing. Even the tiniest meditation or change in usage can shift your State back a bit though, unlocking them again, though they will still be rather feeble.

This is quite complex to read, but very easy once you begin playing to understand. In short, here are the styles of play often used, with explanations of their strengths and weaknesses below...



Often the path taken by the inexperienced Monk, Physical/Offensive brethren rely on their punishing combat abilities to see them through. They often focus so much on a foes defeat that they fail to find the Balance necessary to rejuvenate or heal themselves afterwards. Those that do not commit entirely to this road fare better and still gain great benefits.

Name Level Stat/Skill Description
Pummel 10 Melee Better
Spin 10 Melee Better
Kick 25 Melee Better
Reiki 25 Chi Worse
Stun 30 Melee Better
Punch 35 Melee Better
Subdue 40 Chi Worse
Healing Hands 45 Chi Worse
Blind 55 Melee Better
Advanced Punch 60 Melee Better
Improved Kick 70 Melee Better
Improved Reiki 70 Chi Worse
Presence 80 Chi Worse
Advanced Healing Hands 85 Chi Worse
Advanced Reiki 95 Chi Worse
Assault 95 Melee Better
Drop Kick 130 Melee Better



A more cautious approach often comes later in a Monk's career as they explore and expand their experiences. Still relying on the physical they become much more capable of avoiding damage and dealing with its effects, whilst retaining a fair degree of their power. They find it difficult to deal with the otherwordly or magical still, given their earthly focus.

Name Level Stat/Skill Description
Backflip 15 Melee Better
Block 15 Defence Better
Awareness 30 Defence Better
Palm 35 Chi Worse
Step 40 Defence Better
Cacophony 60 Chi Worse
Improved Awareness 75 Defence Better
Eroding Palm 85 Chi Worse
Mass Cacophony 100 Chi Worse
Chi Storm 105 Chi Worse
Force of Will 105 Chi Worse
Counter 115 Melee Better
Focused Chi Storm 125 Chi Worse
Quivering Palm 140 Chi Worse



The hardest and perhaps truest path of all. Balance Monks start in a state of neutrality, utilising whatever Abilities are most effective against their foes from the outset. Thus they grow stronger against that particular enemy as the fight continues. Humans and Half-Elves have a natural leaning towards this most enigmatic of states. but all who master it are truly fearsome when they need to be. Those from other Guilds who join the Monks later in life often are so stuck in their ways as to be unwilling to pursue this state, making it a rare and respected path indeed...



Most Monks evolve to this path over time, with some Dwarves, Gnomes or Faeries undertaking this approach from the outset. The purely spiritual approach renders the Monk at great risk of injury during combat as they focus on their inner power, and many find the slow growth and focus on this path offputting. However the masters of this path are truly the equal of any Warmage or enraged Druid when it comes to unleasing a storm of destructive energy, capable of laying waste to any before them, if they last long enough to do so that is...

Name Level Stat/Skill Description
Backflip 15 Melee Worse
Block 15 Defence Worse
Awareness 30 Defence Worse
Palm 35 Chi Better
Step 40 Defence Worse
Cacophony 60 Chi Better
Improved Awareness 75 Defence Worse
Eroding Palm 85 Chi Better
Mass Cacophony 100 Chi Better
Chi Storm 105 Chi Better
Force of Will 105 Chi Better
Counter 115 Melee Worse
Focused Chi Storm 125 Chi Better
Quivering Palm 140 Chi Better


In the end,. it is perhaps the wisest of all who dedicate themselves to peace of mind and body. Like a reed in the wind, the Chi/Defensive monk may bend but they will not break, masters of healing as they are. They lose a great deal of damaging ability, perhaps a hallmark of such increased empathy, but they are almost impossible to repress or stop when they are determined.

Name Level Stat/Skill Description
Pummel 10 Melee Worse
Spin 10 Melee Worse
Kick 25 Melee Worse
Reiki 25 Chi Better
Stun 30 Melee Worse
Punch 35 Melee Worse
Subdue 40 Chi Better
Healing Hands 45 Chi Better
Blind 55 Melee Worse
Advanced Punch 60 Melee Worse
Improved Kick 70 Melee Worse
Improved Reiki 70 Chi Better
Presence 80 Chi Better
Advanced Healing Hands 85 Chi Better
Advanced Reiki 95 Chi Better
Assault 95 Melee Worse
Drop Kick 130 Melee Worse

Monk Races

Artrell: Difficulties in their fragility are overcome by their innate racial advantages, such as a multitude of magical trinkets and innate armour. Patience and the path of Physical/Defensive are recommended, along with later shifts to Rogue (Assassin or Cutpurse) or Warmage.

Dwarf: Often Physically inclined, Dwarves find the martial aspects of the paths appealing, but find inner peace only slightly harder to grasp. Many settle for contentment as Defensive warriors, often drawn later to traditional Classes like Fighter or Ranger to help them feel settled in their role as staunch defenders.

Elf: Naturally magical and often introspective, the inner Chi is easier for these fair folk. Easily merging the concepts or the arcane, the temporal and the mind with studies into Warmage or Cleric , these are often greatly learned and wise Monks.

Faerie: Tremendous Defensive ability, but fragile and often needing to pause and collect themselves, Faeries can do very well later by joining the Rogue (Assassin) or Warmage guilds.

Giant: Best using a Polearm or Staff than their poor Melee, Giants make excellent Physical/Offensive Monks or reasonable Physical/Defensive, but are terrible at the other paths. Later moves to Fighter or Ranger (Bear Clan) further enhance their raw physical abilities.

Gnome: Supreme masters of Chi, Gnomes perform incredibly well in either Chi State, but poorly indeed in the Physical. The Defensive do well with later with Warmage as a second Class, the Offensive with Cleric to balance themselves.

Half-Elf: They are likely to succeed in the difficulty path of Balance given their adaptability. Later shifts to Druid or Ranger (Any Clan) capitalise on their innate skills.

Halfling: From agile masters of evasion to terrifying ninja, Halflings can end up as potent and underestimated Monks indeed! Many are drawn to the Rogue or Ranger Guilds later, but even before then their dexterous natures enable an easy grasp of the Physical/Defensive path.

Half-Orc: Brutal and very similar to the Satyr,. Half-Orcs differ in their choices later, many still drawn to the life of a Rogue (Bandit) or Fighter . They are powerful, but often rash and lack discipline.

Human: Much like the Half-Elf, a Human can walk any path they choose, they are masters of themselves. They do tend to fare better, though, with an additional Class that spends stamina such as Fighter or Ranger .

Nymph: With such great dexterity, Nymphs almost exclusively walk the Physical/Defensive road, finding it a natural state from which to later move to their racial favourites, Druid or Ranger . They are fragile and still find physical combat tricky however, and prefer to fight in natural surroundings where their inherent advantages count most.

Satyr: Tough and straightforward, a Satyr is best suited towards a Physical/Offensive path. They often delight in their instinctive natures and find mastery of the body simpler than most. Later many take to the wilds as a Ranger but some are drawn to the Cleric s road to balance themselves.

Monk Multi-Classes

Monk-Cleric: Of greater utility to Physical paths than Chi, there is a lot a Monk gains here. The Physical/Offensive find healing improves, the Defensive that they gain even more armour. Chi/Offense becomes more sturdy and a terror to evil, whilst Defensive Monks find they are all but unkillable! Choice of God is everything, and Race plays a huge role, but noone loses out in this merger.

Monk-Druid: Much like above, except the addition of shapeshifting and utility spells means it is often more suited to Elves, Nymphs and others who lack physical prowess innately.

Monk-Fighter: A raw enhancement of the physical powers, this fares poorly for the Chi inclined, but is a tremendous boon for the...simpler...races. Perfect for exponents of Melee too.

Monk-Ranger: Clan is everything, but all have something to offer the Monk. The limited capability shown by Monks with projectiles however mean a great deal of potential goes unused...

Monk-Rogue: The kind of Monk that follows this route is to be feared! With potential mastery of poisons or increases in an arsenal of stunning trickery or even simple sneakiness makes this a road for the cunning, patient and devious.

Monk-Warmage: Once again a road to greater power with few drawbacks, save the occasional explosion when some uses Reiki whilst Shrouded! Care and a willingness to learn are essential for this combination's success.