Mail armour uses the Armoury skill, generally covers the torso, arms and legs, is available to Clerics, Fighters and Rangers and has an average level of both weight and protection.

An Artrell or Faerie may need to "alter" their armour at a blacksmith to accommodate their unusual limbs.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Covers Notes
Artrexcian Chainmail 0 11lbs Guard Alforpia, Castle

+/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ 2LA/2LH/2RA/2RH

Artrell altered

Chainmail Suit

0 11lbs Various Goblins Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Heavy Chainmail 0 11lbs Orc Warrior Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (6D) +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Light Ringmail 0 9lbs Guard NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Black Scalemail 5 12lbs Captain NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Iron Chainmail 5 12lbs Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Tarnished Scalemail 5 12lbs Redeye Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Heavy Chain Armour 10 13lbs Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Tattered Chainmail Armour 10 13lbs Drakenwood, Docks +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dented Ringmail Armour 15 1st Mranglig Jungle, Ruins of Sparsis +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Battered Chainmail Armour 20 1st Hobgoblin Captain Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Old Nadir Chainmail 25 1st Skeleton Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Rusty Ringmail 25 1st Court Patrol Guard Sherwood, Nottingham Castle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Steel Leggings 25 1st Lytira (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Steel Ringmail 25 1st Lytira (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven +/+/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Bone-Smasher's Chainmail 30 1st Gremlin Boss Aldersford, Bone-Smasher's House +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Mithril Coat 30 1st Sheriff Aldersford, Hobbitsville +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Worn Scale Mail 35 1st Zombie Lord Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Nottingham Chainmail 40 1st Court Guard Sherwood, Nottingham Castle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Chainmail 45 1st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event +/T/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Simple Chainmail 45 1st N/A Rathowen, Alaric's Keep +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Red Chainmail Of The Holy Eagle 50 1st Red Knight Miathorn, Battlefield +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Bronze Splintmail 55 1st Armourer Rosfarren, Orog Camp
Sleeved Chainmail Coat 60 1st Durnak Drakenwood, Sewers +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Steel Ringmail 60 1st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Golden Chainmail 65 2st Cleric Sherwood, Cardin's Land +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Steel Chainmail 65 2st Various Vikings Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Chain Armour 70 2st Zombie Tyrnafar, Silver Mines +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Chainmail of Redemption  70 Valena, Katkunra's Tomb +Align while worn
Frozen Chainmail 70 2st Reynard Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Prot?
Armoured Coat 75 2st Centaur Alforpia, Grassy Plains H/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/+
Ethereal Armour 75 2st Demonic Presence Sherwood, Burial Chambers +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Light Chainmail 75 2st Various Guards Drakenwood +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Ancient Chainmail Suit 85 2st Wardmaster Omanii Desert, Volcano +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Layered Chainmail 90 2st Various Guards Drakenwood +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Heavy Chainmail 95 2st Seginus Valena, Brenhaven +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Valean Chainmail 100 2st Cpt. Karne Valena, Brenhaven +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Mithril Chainmail 105 2st Troll Chief Withered Peaks, Troll Caves (Lv.2) +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dusty Ringmail 110 3st Chaggrin Underdark, Crypt
Black Scale Mail 115 3st Drow Guard Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Fey Chainmail From the chest of goblin nilbog Crypt Armours wings ?
Talarkessa's Chainmail 115 3st Wight Underdark, Crypt +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Prot. vs. Fire 50%
Purple Chain 120 3st Purple Demon Underdark, Crypt
Spider Splint Mail 125 3st Guard Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Chainmail of the Abyss 155 5st Lareth Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan If Nice+ damages you slightly if worn.

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