Leather armour uses the Armoury skill, generally covers the torso, arms and legs, is available to Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Rangers and Rogues and has a low level of both weight and protection, roughly 25% less than equivalent Mail.

An Artrell or Faerie may need to "alter" their armour at a blacksmith to accommodate their unusual limbs.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Covers Notes
Animal-Skin Jacket 0 6lbs Big Guard Alders Way, Wuzzietown +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Blood Red Leather Armour 0 8lbs Elite Warrior Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Goblin Leather Armour 0 8lbs Goblin Soldier Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves & Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (3D) +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Leather Armour 0 8lbs Regnus NewbieLand, Nomad Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Armour 0 8lbs Guard Valley of the Orcs, Fortress +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Cuirass 0 8lbs Kobold Chief Newbie Forest, Kobold Camp +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Left Pauldron 0 6lbs Kobold Sentry Newbie Forest, Kobold Camp +/+/LA/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Amazon Suit 5 9lbs Novice Amazon Jungle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Crude Black Leather Armour 5 9lbs Hobgoblin Guard Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Armour 5 9lbs Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Shirt 10 9lbs Kobold Hunter Alluveai's Forest +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Studded Leather Armour 10 9lbs Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Armour 15 10lbs Various Orcs Great Western Highay, Orc Invasion Event +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Amazon Armour 20 11lbs Cpt. Melia Jungle, Amazon Village +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Green Trousers 25 8lbs Guido Outland, Rogue Caves +/+/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Green Tunic 25 8lbs Guido Outland, Rogue Caves +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Mungo Leather Armour 25 8lbs Large Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Tough Leather Armour 25 8lbs Merry Man Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Black Trousers 30 8lbs Various Rogues Outland, Rogue Caves +/+/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Black Tunic 30 8lbs Various Rogues Outland, Rogue Caves +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Brown Leather Tunic 30 13lbs Various Sherwood +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Colourful Tunic 35 1st Yorik Aldersford, Maze +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Trousers 35 1st Burly Hobbit Aldersford, Hobbitsville +/+/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Brown Armour 45 1st Thomas Hood Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Hide Armour 45 1st Torturer Swamp, Lizardmen Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Light Leather Armour 45 1st Steinbeck Sherwood, Nottingham Castle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Studded Leather Armour 45 1st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event +/T/LA/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Thick Leather Jerkin 45 1st Buccaneer Andurin Ocean, Cutlass Island +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Hardened Leather Armour 50 1st Bard Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn +/T/LA/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Banded Leather Armour 55 1st Drok Drakenwood +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Black Armour 55 1st Kerry Tyrnafar, Silver Mine +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Patchwork Leathers 55 1st Kris the Bandit Rosfarren +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Writhing Vest 55 12lbs Zombie Valena, Katkunra's Tomb +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Sleek Armour 55 1st Kerg Tyrnafar, Silver Mine +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +5 Skull
Brass Studded Armour 60 1st Various Guards Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dirty Leather Tunic 60 1st Various Rosfarren, Rathwiel +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Trollskin Armour 60 1st Hrun Tyrnafar, Barbarian Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dark Leather Trousers 65 1st Jeritha Drakenwood, Sewers +/+/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Saskia's Leather Armour 65 1st Saskia Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +2 Dex
Sleeved Dark Leather Tunic 65 1st Jeritha Drakenwood, Sewers H/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Studded Leather Armour 65 1st Captain Rosfarren, Orog Camp
Black Leather Catsuit 70 1st Katrina the Weretiger Valena, Palisade +/T/LA/LH/LL/LF/RA/RH/RL/RF
Leopardskin Hides 70 1st Various Natives Andurin Ocean, Wolumbo Island +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Lamellar Armour 75 1st Tipsy Poacher Alforpia, Poacher Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Archer's Armour 80 1st Various Guards Valena, Ruined Castle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dark Leather Bodysuit 80 1st Blackheart Outland, Tomb of Thebus +/T/LA/L++LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF +5 Murder if Rogue, Dex 23+ to wear?
Blood-Stained Leather 85 1st Catweasel Alforpia, Poacher Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Creased Armour 90 1st Sleeping Troll Withered Peaks, Troll Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Long Leather Jerkin 95 1 st Guardian Valena, Ruined Castle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Shadowy Omens Deed
Black Leather 100 2st Zerin Great Western Highway +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ % to be Poisoned when struck, if non-Rogue
Pyrohydra Hides 100 2st Pyrohydra Omanii Desert, Volcano +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF Prot vs. Fire
Stained Leather Armour 100 2st Creeper Underdark, Foliage +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Hunting Outfit 105 2st Baldng Bandit Valena, Summer Highway (South Road) +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Leather Jerkin 110 2st Duergar Scout Underdark, Duergar Tunnels +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Foul Leather


115 2st Morlock


Underdark, Morlock Tunnels
Padded Tunic 120 2st Lukas Aerdy, High Pass +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Pierced Leather Jacket 120 2st Manticore Underdark, Crypt +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Fur Tunic 125 2st Pelagius Aerdy, High Pass +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dark Leather Armour 140 Cloaked Forest Archer Aerdy, Forest of Carudria
Supple Leather Armour 140 1st N/A N/A +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Ranger crafted, Armour based on Level/Skill/clan etc.
Nenrephi Captain's Livery 165 3st Cpt. Navanit Aerdy, Nenreph Fortress +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++