Leather hand armour uses the Armoury skill, generally covers both hands, is available to Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Rangers and Rogues and has a low level of both weight and protection, roughly 25% less than equivalent Mail.

An Artrell may need to "alter" such armour to accommodate all their hands.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Notes
Gardening Gloves 0 1lb "search leaves" Drakenwood, Lake
Goblin Gloves 0 1lb Goblin Soldier Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves
Leather Gloves 0 1lb N/A Aldersford, Temple of Rehann Inside chest
Leather Handcuffs 0 1lb Various Prisoners Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves
Leather Gloves 5 1lb Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Plain Leather Gauntlets 5 1lb Nak Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower
Tough Leather Gauntlets 5 1lb Brun Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower
Toughened Leather Gloves 10 1lb Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Studded Gloves 20 1lb Fierce Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill
Lizardskin Gloves 25 2lbs Barry Torelorn Mountains, Bugbear Caves
Tough Leather Gloves 25 2lbs Merry Man Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp
Cured Leather Gloves 30 2lbs N/A Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves
Studded Leather Gloves 30 2lbs Burly Hobbit Aldersford, Hobbitsville
Supple Gloves 35 2lbs Clarissa Drakenwood, Sewers
Supple Leather Gloves 40 2lbs Slim Bandit Omanii Desert, Bandit Caves
Heavy Leather Gloves 45 2lbs Morwenna Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep
Black Gloves 55 2lbs Orgoff Tyrnafar, Silver Mine
Old Leather Gloves 70 3lbs Walking Corpse Sherwood, Burial Chambers
Animal-Skin Mittens 80 4lbs Grogmeister Alforpia, Poacher Camp
Scarred Leather Gloves 90 4lbs Bonesmasher Withered Peaks, Troll Caves
Soft Leather Gloves 95 4lbs Cpt. Marjov Valena, Ruined Castle
Leather Hunting Gloves 105 4lbs Scarred Bandit Valena, Summer Highway (South Road)
Thick Leather Gloves 110 5lbs Satansfist Sherwood, Burial Chambers
Foul Leather Gloves 115 5lbs Morlock Guard Underdark, Morlock Tunnels
Fine Leather Gloves 145 6lbs Charinda Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan

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