Item is a catch-all term for any object such as a wand, book, trinket or suchlike that a player can use in some manner. They tend to require no skill to use and are available to all, although many require knowledge of their keywords to function. Most items of interest perform magical effects or reveal information about the setting, though many are simply decoration.

Name Mob Area Notes
Amazon Statue N/A Jungle, Amazon Village Inside chest
Ancient Bottle Of Wine "search bench" Drakenwood, Rose Pagoda Casts Confusion on you when drunk
Ancient Scroll "dig ground" Aldersford, Hidden Clearing "read scroll", Casts Cleric spell "Shield" on you, Pos. align. req.
Ant Egg Inside Large Leather Bag NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels
A Single Red Rose Rowenwyn Rosfarren, Rathwiel
A Wedding Posey Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood
Ball Of Wool Grandma Hobbit Aldersford, Hobbitsville Used to "knit" scarf
Bamboo Fishing Rod Fisher Swamp, Lizardmen Caves "fish"
Banded Agate Various Omanii Desert, Volcano Gem
Bandit Lockpick Wiry Bandit Omanii Desert, Bandit Caves
Bard's Harp Bard Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn "play harp"
Basalt Wand Bloated Corpse Underdark, Crypt "enfeeble", -50% Str, may backfire, limited charges
Beautiful Bloodstone Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials Gem
Beautiful Diamond "search diamonds" Rosfarren, Abandoned Mine Gem, hatches into a hostile Crystalline Spider if removed from Mine!
Beautiful Uncut Gem Slime Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Gem
Black Eyepatch Pete (Vendor) Andurin Ocean, Cutlass Island "wear eyepatch on <left OR right> eye"
Black Eyepatch Sea Zombie Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern "wear eyepatch on <left OR right> eye"
Blanket N/A Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern Inside Oak Chest, "unroll"
Blood Stone Various Omanii Desert, Volcano Gem
Blowpipe Pygmy Jungle, Jungle Path "blow <Target>" Poisons foe with a Stun poison, 5 uses
Blue Feather "search nest" Wandering Woods, Zylisa's Treehouse Used by Zylisa to add Cold damage to low-level weapons
Blue Potion Inside Large Leather Bag NewbieLand, Ant Tunnels Healing Potion, X3 uses
Book Of Ages Q.I Q.I Q.I
Brass Bell Villager Alforpia, Plague Village "ring bell"
Brass Cog Ugly Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill Sought by the Miller
Brass Rod Lander (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan "knock"
Bridal Bouquet Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood "throw"
Brightly Weapped Present Jokey Smurf Alluveai's Forest, Smurf Village Damages you when "open"ed
Broken Branch "break branch" Hoary Forest, Lake "throw branch"
Bronze And Glass Lantern Charon Alluveai's Forest, Boat Light source
Brown Ankheg Shell Brown Ankheg Rosfarren, Ankheg Tunnels
Bucket Fiallan Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn Used to contain manure
Budget Fishing Rod Hothran (Vendor) Drakenwood "fish"
Bull's Horn Bull Aldersford, Hobbitsville "sound", may Fear?
Bunch Of Carrots Rand Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Deed related, edible
Bunch Of Flowers Honest Jack (Vendor) Drakenwood
Caltrops N/A Outland, Rogue Caves Inside chest, when placed acts as low damage Ranger Trap
Clay Pipe Grandpa Hobbit Aldersford, Hobbitsville
Cluster Of Berries "search vines" Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Edible
Coconut Monkey Andurin Ocean, Covah Island "smash coconut"
Copper Lantern "jump in pool" Omanii Desert, Oasis of Marr
Crimson Vial Rotten Corpse Realm of Illusion
Crystal Ball Shaman Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves "scry", sought by Gwendolyn
Crystal of Jade Rosfarren, Obsidian Caves Key
Crystal Torch Ronat (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Light, never runs out?
Deadly Soul Rot N/A NewbieLand, Khalbarn Manor Inside chest, sought by Leya the Witch
Deck Of Cards Tipsy Poacher Alforpia, Poacher Camp
Deep Red Ruby Gabriel Mirrotown, Tower of Trials (20U)
Deluxe Fishing Rod Hothran (Vendor) Drakenwood "fish"
Dheitrich's Diary N/A Omanii Desert, Temple of Ogkma "read diary"
Dirty Bandage "get bandage" Drakenwood, Old House
Document N/A Omanii Desert, Timn's House Inside chest
Dried Flower Posey Damsel in White Aldersford, Maze
Drum Drummer Boy Miathorn, Battlefield
Duster Maid Valena, Brenhaven
Dwarven Healing Powder N/A Valena, Katkunra's Tomb "sprinkle powder" Heals/Confuses you, found in chest ("climb" in/out)
Ectoplasm Spectre Outlands, Cemetery Destroyed after 1 minute
Elven Net Sea Elf Sentry Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern "cast" only works underwater
Engraved Vial Q.I Q.I Q.I
Fake Parrot Pete (Vendor) Andurin Ocean, Cutlass Island "wear parrot"
Faerie Dust Crystal Caverns "scatter dust" grants you Invisibility for a time
Feather Duster Curator OR Library Mistress Aldersford, Hobbitsville OR Temple of Rehann
Firefly Lantern "catch firefly" Newbie Forest, Oak Tree Uses fireflies as fuel
Fire Sphere "search dust" Tyrnafar, Ice Caves Acts as a Warmage Light Orb, explodes after time, Fire damage to all in room
Fishing Rod Tom & Toby Aldersford "fish"
Fliberty-Flop Wand Mavis Alluveai's Forest
Fox's Pelt Fox NewbieLand, Witches' Cottage
Frying Pan Cook Swamp, Lizardmen Caves
Fur Pelt "search pelts" Alforpia, Poacher Camp
Gem Various Zombies Omanii Desert, Pharaoh's Pyramid Gem
Glass Ball Thingummy Honest Jack (Vendor) Drakenwood "shake"
Glinting Sapphire Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
Glitterdust Crystal Caverns "scatter dust" reveals all Invisible beings in room
Gold Cup N/A Andurin Ocean, Cutlass island
Golden Rose N/A Omanii Desert, Pharaoh's Pyramid Inside Pharaoh's Sarcophagus
Granite Wand Lander (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan
Grappling Hook "search mound" Aldersford, Hobbitsville tunnels
Green Bead Craft Mistress Aldersford, Temple of Rehann
Green Bouncing Ball Thus (Vendor) Newbieland, Pixie Village "bounce"
Green Slime Swamp Beast Swamp, River Shelter Poultice, 2 uses
Greetings Card Honest Jack (Vendor) Drakenwood "write" message
Grey Wolf Pelt Grey Arctic Wolf Tyrnafar
Half Finished Wooden Sculpture Brennan Drakenwood, Meadow
Handful of Confetti Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood inside Small Silk Pouch
Hobgoblin's Broom Hobgoblin Aldersford, Maze
Holy Symbol Various Clerics Valena, Katkunra's Tomb
Honey Jar Thus (Vendor) NewbieLand, Pixie Village Healing Potion, 3X uses
Hothran's Guide To Fishing Hothran (Vendor) Drakenwood "read guide"
Huge Shining Emerald Myanid Swamp, Muddy Path Gem
Incense "unroll Blanket" Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern "light incense"
Ink And Needle "search drawers" Tyrnafar, Bear Keep "tattoo"
Iron Cog Mungo Boss Drakenwood, Windmill Sought by the Miller
Jacinth Various Omanii Desert, Volcano Gem
Jam Jar "seach shelves" Newbie Forest, Oak Tree "catch firefly"
Jar Of Beeswax Maid Valena, Brenhaven
Jet Cross Merchant Drakenwood Key
Journal Scroll Honfri the Cleric Omanii Desert, Rocky Beach
Khalbarn's Treasure N/A NewbieLand, Khalbarn Manor
Lantern "take lantern" NewbieLand, Pixie Village
Large Garnet Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials Gem
Large Saucepan Cook Swamp, Lizardmen Caves
Length Of Rope "get rope" Aldersford, Hobbitsville Tunnels "tie rope to hook"
Letter N/A Aldersford, Monestary Inside chest
Letter Steinbeck Sherwood, Nottingham Castle
Lifeless Heart
Little Red Toy Wagon N/A Drakenwood, Watermill
Loaf Of Bread N/A Drakenwood, Windmill Food, gained from helping Miller
Magic Wand Mavis Alluveai's Forest, Addams House "flibbertyflob"
Mana Potion

Ancilis the Warmage

Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Mana Potion, 2x use
Material Dwarf Mason Omanii Desert, Dark Caves
Medicine Bottle Wererat Leader Aldersford, Hobbitsville Tunnels Cures a sick Hobbit
Mermaid's Harp Mermaid Andurin Ocean, Mer Island "play harp"
Mermaid Statue N/A Andurin Ocean, Mer island Inside chest
Metal Wire N/A Swamp, Lizardmen Caves On corpse of Adventurer
Missing Piece Of A Picture Q.I Q.I Q.I
Mummified Cat N/A Omanii Desert, Pharaoh's Pyramid Inside Pharaoh's Sarcophagus
Murky Potion Mervan (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Grants random Buff (+1 Con, heal HP etc.)
Nails "get nails" Drakenwood, Old House
Odd Shaped Screw inside chest Drakenwood, Old House Key
Old Papyrus Scroll Wandering Priest Omanii Desert
Old Scroll Wounded Orc NewbieLand, Various "curse" lowers a Players Strength
Old Wine Bottle "search racks" Drakenwood, Keep Heals 80 HP/MP per swig, makes you Very Drunk
Old Wolf Pelt Old Arctic Wolf Tyrnafar, Wolf Caves
Oriental Amethyst Various Omanii Desert, Volcano Gem
Painting N/A Aldersford, Temple of Rehann
Paper Map Spider Omanii Desert, Oasis of Mar
Pearl "search clothes" Omanii Desert, Evil Nomad Camp Gem
Peridot Various Omanii Desert, Volcano Gem
Pharaoh's Treasure N/A Omanii Desert, Pharaoh's Pyramid Inside Pharaoh's Sarcophagus
Phial Of Blood Obsidian Troll Withered Peaks, Troll Caves (Lv.2) Heals all HP/MP/SP, cures all poisons and mends/replaces all limbs!
Piece Of Multi Pointed Metal Edna Alluveai's Forest, Addams House "splatter"
Piece Of Pottery "dive lake" Hoary Forest, Lake
Pile Of Bones Skeleton Outland, Tomb of Thebus
Pipe Cleric Aldersford, Temple of Rehann
Pixie Wings Crystal Caverns "fly" like a Faerie
Plank Of Wood Golem Outland, Tomb of Thebus
Poison Sac Hoary Forest, Snake Den "poison" a weapon
Poison Vial Rand Sherwood, Nottingham Castle "poison" a weapon
Portable Hole Wyrm Omanii Desert, Temple of Ogkma When dropped, acts as an enterable room. Entering whilst carrying another Hole causes massive damage and staying in for too long summons a high level Mob
Pot Of Spot Cream Hazel NewbieLand, Willow tree "apply cream" acts as a Poultice, 2 uses
Purple Amethyst N/A Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Inside chest
Purple Plumac Lorissa Aldersford, Maze
Quill Archie the Scribe Alforpia, Castle
Raven Clippings "search mound" Sherwood, Nottingham Castle
Reading Glasses Library Mistress Aldersford, Temple of Rehann
Red Bead Craft Mistress Aldersford, Temple of Rehann
Red Feather "pluck feather" from Feathered Headband Wandering Woods, Zylisa's Treehouse Used by Zylisa to add Fire damage to low-level weapons
Rolled Up Scroll N/A Aldersford, Temple of Rehann "read scroll"
Rope Bosun Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern
Rope And Grapnel "tie rope to hook" Aldersford, Hobbitsville Tunnels "throw rope up"
Rose As Dark As Dried Blood "pick rose" Drakenwood, Rose Pagoda
Ruby N/A Newbie Forest, Swimming Pool Gem, Inside chest
Ruby "search bottles" Tyrnafar, Ruined Houses Gem
Runic Wand "curse"
Rusty Lantern Sergeant Sherwood, Cardin's Land
Rusty Nail Golem Outland, Tomb of Thebus
Sailor's Arm Bone "eat arm" Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern Spawns after eating Sailor's Arm
Sapphire Various Omanii Desert, Volcano Gem
Scroll of Recall Tristan (Vwndor Mirrortown "recall" teleports you to Drakenwood
Scroll of Recall "search table" Drakenwood, Sewers "recall" teleports you to Drakenwood, if used again teleports you into Andurin Ocean
Scroll Of Silence Treguzai the Druid Omanii Desert, Dark Caves "read scroll" casts the Cleric spell, Silence. Sought by Honfri the Cleric
Set Of Juggling Balls Juggler Valena, Brenhaven "juggle"
Set Of Sandshark Teeth Sandshark Andurin Ocean, Covah Island
Shimmering Ruby Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials Gem
Shovel Fiallan Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn Shovels manure
Silver Dust "search cart" Tyrnafar, Silver Mine
Silver Fishing Rod Ronat Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Possibly never breaks?
Silver Goblet Errant Knave Aldersford, Maze
Small Bone "take bone" Tyrnafar, Ruined Houses
Small Golden Guitar Dylan Alluveai's Forest, Magic Roundabout "busk" or "play"
Small Healing Poultice Thua (Vendor) Newbieland, Pixie Village 5X uses
Small, Leather-Bound Book "search bushes" Alforpia, Plague Village

"Turn page" x3, "make elder sign"

Small Mushroom Florence Alluveai's Forest, Magic Land Q.I
Small Pan Cook Swamp, Lizardmen Caves
Small Parasol (Vendor) Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp
Small Torch "get torch" Drakenwood, Keep Next to Loman Kell
Snake Egg Snake Hoary Forest, Hidden Tunnel
Snake's Teeth Small Snake Great Western Highay, The Weary Traveller
Spade "search poppies" Aldersford, Hobbitsville "dig"
Sparkling Glass Bead N/A Outland, Graveyard "talia tathar" grants MP to all in room, Warmage only
Spyglass Kirg Andurin Ocean, Cutlass Island "spy"
Stick of Incense Kalena (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan
Stone Cog Small Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill Sought by the Miller
Stone Tablet Varies Tyrnafar, Silver Mine Use several to summon something...
Storm Lantern Guard Swamp, Lizardmen Caves "light" or "douse"
Sugarcubes "search hutch" Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Deed related, edible
Swirling Potion Mad Alchemist Alders Way, Alchemist's Mansion Grants "Potion Oddity" buff, effects are random
Sword Polishing Kit Ronat Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan "polish" repairs some weapons & makes more resistant to wear.
Tan Ankheg Shell Tan Ankheg Rosfarren, Ankheg Tunnels
Thick Woolen Blanket Sleepy Poacher Alforpia, Poacher Camp
Toadstool Various Faeries Hoary Forest Poisons if eaten
Tobacco Grandpa Hobbit Aldersford, Hobbitsville
Toke Of Love Damsel in Violet Aldersford, Maze
Toy Camel (Vendor) Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp
Treasure Map Treasure Hunter NewbieLand, Khalbarn Manor
Unholy Symbol Kalena (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan
"Various" Bauble Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
"Various" Brooch Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
"Various" Carving Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
"Various" Crown Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
"Various" Figurine Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
"Various" Orb Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
"Various" Sceptre Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
"Various" Statue Various Mirrortown, Tower of Trials
Vial N/A Omanii Desert, Timn's house Inside chest, Healing Potion, 1X use.
Vial of Liquid Pixie NewbieLand, Overgrown Path Healing Potion, 3X uses.
Voodoo Doll  N/A N/A Created when all pins used on a Voodoo Doll With Pins
Voodoo Doll With Pins Witchdoctor Jungle, Cannibal Camp "stab doll" does 3HP damage to a random player, 3X uses.
Wand of Wonder Omanii Desert, Volano "enspell", random elemental damage spell/rain of frogs/change your sex.
Weasel's Pelt Evil Weasel NewbieLand, Old Path
Wedding Bouquet Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood
White Daisy Ermintrude Alluveai's Forest, Magic Land
Wilfred's Tray Wilfred Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Q.I
Windmill on a Stick Thua (Vendor) Newbieland, Pixie Village "blow"
Wolf Pelt Grey Wolf Underdark, Cages
Wooden Cog Various Mungoes Drakenwood, Windmill Sought by the Miller
Wooden Wand Old Woman & Gargamel NewbieLand, Witches' Cottage & Alluveai's Forest, Gargamel's Tower "zap" casts Magic Missile, 20 charges
Wuzzie Herbs "pick herbs" Alders Way, Wuzzietown Acts as Poultice
Yellow Ankheg Shell Yellow Ankheg Rosfarren, Ankheg Tunnels
Yellow Daffodil Forager Alders Way, Wuzzietown
Yellow Dried Piece Of Skin Qu Crystal Caverns Warmage Comprehend deals small amount of Head damage to caster.
Yellow Feather "search plants" Wandering Woods, Zylisa's Treehouse Used by Zylisa to add Air damage to low-level weapons
Yellow Potion "search items" Drakenwood, Windmill Healing Potion, 4X uses.
Yellowed Scroll Caledon NewbieLand, Black Tent "restore" 1st use fully heals you, 2nd partial, 3rd explodes and sets you to 1hp.