Permitted Armour: Leather & Cloth.

Note:The intricate mysteries of Multi-Classing are best left to Players to discover. Individual combinations may wax and wane in potency as the game evolves over time, Players should not feel forced into particular styles of play based on perceived effectiveness & thus Multi-Class entries will only include basic information on the changes you would undergo upon joining any given Guild & some basic Racial advice. Explore, discover, learn, adapt & grow in your own damn way!

Stat Costs

Costs  for improving Stats may now cost something in between the usual Primary or Secondary levels depending on the Classes involved. For example something marked as P/S means it costs halfway between a Primary and Secondary Stat. Backgrounds in RED denote something more expensive or worse for you now, GREEN text shows something becoming cheaper or better & WHITE indicates no change at all.

Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom

Skill Costs

Skills are worked out in a similar way to Stats, between the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and None levels. For example something marked as S/T means it costs somewhere between a Secondary and Tertiary Skill to train.

Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: P/S Blade: P/S Conjuring: S/T Application: N/N
Attack: P/S Blunt: P Healing: S/T Bargaining: S/T
Defence: S Knife: T Insight: S/T Riding: S/T
Double Wielding: T Polearm: S/T Woodcraft: S/T
Melee: S/T Projectile: T
Shields: P/S Staff: P/S
Thrown: S/T
Whip: T


There is no detailed way to gauge the Points listed below numerically yet, therefor we provide a simple "better or worse" visual guide.

Health Points Gained Stamina Points Gained Magic Points Gained
? ? ?

Racial Recommendations

ArtrellBlunt, Knife & Shield.

Dwarf: Blunt & Shield

ElfBlunt & Shield.

Faerie: Blunt & Knife

Giant: Two-Handed.

GnomeBlunt & Shield.

Half-ElfTwo-Handed or Blunt & Shield.

Halfling: Blunt & Knife

Half-OrcTwo-Handed or Blunt & Shield.

Human: Two-Handed or Blunt & Shield.

NymphBlunt & Shield.

Satyr: Blunt & Shield.

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