Fighters are a diverse group whose only common theme is a lifelong devotion to the skills of physical combat.  Fighters range from noble paladins who follow the ideals of Brangwen or Caitlin or neutral guardsmen dedicated to Karak to the raging berserk in thrall to Sorban...they are truly diverse. Most possess a high Strength and Constitution to aid them in their physical battles and spend much of their learning time studying how to use weapons of different types, as well as mastering hand-to-hand combat and self-defense.

Fighters can gauge the strength of opponents, have the broadest knowledge of weapons and armour and have the highest Hitpoints and number of attacks per round (with non-Projectile weapons) of any Class.

Permitted Armour: Plate, Mail, Leather & Cloth.

Wizard in Charge: Moloch
Deputy Wizard: Prozac


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
Secondary Primary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Primary Blade: Primary Insight: Tertiary Bargaining: Tertiary
Attack: Primary Blunt: Primary Riding: Secondary
Defence: Secondary Knife: Secondary
Double Wielding: Secondary Polearm: Primary
Melee: Secondary Projectile: Secondary
Shields: Primary Staff: Secondary
Thrown: Secondary
Whip: Secondary


Health Points Gained Stamina Points Gained Magic Points Gained

Guild Hall

Location: Eastern outskirts of Aldersford (See Maps).

Directions to Drakenwood Square: 4n, 2e, se, e, se, e, se, 7e, 4se, 4s, se, 3e, 2s, 2se, 2e, 3s, sw, 2s, [].

Directions from Drakenwood Square [], 2n, ne, 3n, 2w, 2nw, 2n, 3w, nw, 4n, 4nw, 7w, nw, w, nw, w, nw, w, w, 4s.

Guild Features

  • A fountain of wine that will enebriate you if you "drink"  from it.

  • A smith (Georgina) who can "repair" or "alter" weapons and armour.

  • A grindwheel to "grind"/repair bladed weapons for free.

  • A steamroom to regain Stamina at an increased rate.

  • A trophy collection display.

  • A knucklebones gaming room.

  • A pub whose owner (Tanya) high levels can..."interact" with.

  • A ghost who can "estimate" the exp cost of your skill training.

  • A vendor (George) who can help Fighters "Specialise" in armoury and a choice of weapon skills.

  • The "Fighter Brain Cell" which spawns on reboot, granting +5 Int when held

Fighter Skills

Fighter abilities can often be used with a variety of weapons, such as Wind being possible with any Blunt, or Cleave posssible with Two-Handed slashing weapons...

Name Level Stat/Skill Description
Compare Int: 16 Intelligence Compare one item to another
Decimate Str: 16 Strength Bury a corpse and regain a few HP
Determine Wis: 16 Wisdom Learn all physical item info
Gauge 0 N/A Improved "consider"
Taunt 0 N/A Insult a Rogue or Warmage
Trophy 0 N/A Preserve an enemies remains
Finish 5 Attack Kill a Mortally Wounded foe
Parry 10 Defence Block a foes attacks
Bump 15 Melee Knock foe into an adjacent room
Aim 20 Attack Next hit hits targeted limb
Frenzy 20 Defence Increases Attack, lowers Defence
Bash 25 Shields Damaging attack with shield
Decapitate 35 Two-Handed Damaging attack to foes head
Panic 40 Attack Grants bonus attacks, sets you to 1 HP
Pin 45 Polearm Stun you and foe for a while
Disarm 50 Defence Knock a weapon from a foe's hands
Charge 60 Attack Enter a room and attack all within with many extra attacks
Cleave 60 Blade Damaging attack
Web 65 Double Wielding Activate a series of damaging attacks
Slam 70 Blunt Damaging attack and Bump combined
Riposte 80 Defence Damaging attack used at end of Parry
Wind 85 Blunt Stuns foe for 1 round
Invigorate 90 Defence Temporary HP increase
Fury 100 Blade Damaging attack
Berserk 125 Attack Bonus attacks, Attack & armour, lowers Weapon skills & Defence
Whirl 135 Two-Handed Damaging attack


Fighters are capable of increasing certain skills beyond the normal limits, and then training them up to that new maximum. "Ask George about specialisation" in our Guild Hall to get the full information, as well as learn the steep financial cost involved, but here is the short version...

  • Level 18: You may increase one Weapon skill that is Primary for Fighters (Blade, Blunt, Polearm or Two-Handed) by +5.
  • Level 20: You may now do the exactly same for your Armoury skill.
  • Level 25: You may increase Armoury again and any Weapon skill (as before) again!

...this means that Fighter can end up with +10 Armoury and +5 in two skills or +10 in one, enabling them to use legendary armours and weapons, as well as hitting more often with those weapons. Generally it is advised to focus on those weapons that your Race is already talented with or that your Multi-Class choice utilises, so make sure you read all info & think carefully because there is no going back!

Fighter Races

Artrell: Facing great difficulty with low Strength and Constitution, yet with excellent Double Wielding abilities, it is recommended Artrell focus on using a Blade & Shields along with whatever they wish in their other hands. Weight is a major issue, but joining a second Class with lighter armour such as Rogue, Monk or Warmage helps greatly as do Strength boosting items. Frustrating and difficult, recommended for experienced Players only. 

Dwarf: Suited to  Shields and either a Blade or Blunt, Dwarves make excellent and durable Fighters. Many move to Cleric or Ranger (Stag Clan) later depending on their Specialised Skills.

Elf: Few Elves become Fighters, but those that do are best off with a Blade and Shields. Later movement to Ranger or Druid is recommended and dictates Specialisation. Low levels can be frustrating.

Faerie: Incredibly difficult, as low Strength and Constitution grant the same issues as for Artrell. The same advice for Multi-Class applies. Double Wielding is recommended, with Specialised Blade plus a Knife being excellent.

Giant: Gods of Two-Handed weapons and sometimes Polearms, you will suffer for money, which can be nasty given food costs, & repairing armour will gouge you too. Your damage output is, however, truly obscene. Monk or Cleric are the least painful Secondary classes.

Gnome: A hard road indeed, with a likely multi-Class into Warmage or Cleric. The use of Blunt and Shields will help survival.

Half-Elf: Similar later choices as Elves, but an easier route to there. 

Human: The standard. Your skills are 10% cheaper and you can choose to Specialise as you like. That and your Specialisation, Multi-Class and personality are what will really define you. Two-Handed or Blade & Shields are the most popular choices though...

Nymph: Utter madness! Nymphs suit a Projectile weapon over all others and find Fighters very hard. In theory a Blunt focus could help with a later shift to Druid.

Satyr: Similar to Dwarves, except with Druid as a wiser Multi-Class than Cleric. Blunt use is highly recommended.

Half-Orc: Powerful, hard hitting and scary, best utilised as Blade focused aggressive types early on. Costs for skills and equipment can be a problem. Later moves to Rogue (Bandit) or Ranger (Bear, Stag or Wolf Clan) are highly recommended.

Halfling:Similar to the Faeries, you will struggle in heavy armour. Your Dexterity however and Knife skills mean similar Double Wielding actions with a Blade. Later shifts to Rogue (Any) and Monk (Physical/Defensive) are most likely to succeed.

Fighter Multi-Classes

Fighters are fortunate in that it is possible to play all the way to the top levels as a Single-Class Fighter. This is because top-end Plate exists giving an edge no other Class has in terms of physical armour. However, much of a character can be made via the Guilds below...

Fighter-Cleric: The addition of armour boosting abilities, healing and a variety of utility skills makes up for the platemail loss. Offensive spells are of little use, but your physical attacks will ruin the Undead, Infernal and evil players!

Fighter-Druid: Magical defences substitute for physical, but you will take more damage. Massive utility gains however and some damage increases, along with a follower make up for this.

Fighter-Monk: Your State will determine your play-style, with Physical ones boosting many of your already scary skills. Great healing and adaptability too. You get hit a lot less, but hurt a lot more.

Fighter-Ranger: Definitely squishier, but unparalleled utility plus some fine increases in damage output. Plus a follower! Smart Clan choice is essential for success, though...

Fighter-Rogue: Difficult. Some areas will be off-limits, but you can seriously ruin a foe with extended preparation. Suitable for more thoughtful play-styles. You're much easier to hurt, but a thoughtful approach can overcome this. Specialisation choices are of prime importance.

Fighter-Warmage: Often ill-suited to Fighter Races, it is possible to truly offend the foe with a combination of clever spells, followers and Fighter Skills. You take terrible damage when it goes wrong, however...