Deeds are like an easier version of the Quests available on Elephant, tasks that involve exploration, careful searching, talking to NPC's and a knowledge of the Mud in general. Originally quite obscure and complex, recently a new Deed system was introduced to make the playing experience easier. New Deeds can be seen via a yellow exclamation mark (!) next to relevant NPC's descriptions when you look at a room, older ones were much, much harder to find...until now!

Deeds can grant small rewards such as experience, money or items, and not all discoverable activities are actually Deeds, though they may seem like them. The point of them is in the discovery, and the immersion in Elephant's rich world. Old Deeds tend to be one-off events, New Deeds are often multi-tiered chains of minor adventures that lead into the next one and may require others to be completed or an increase in level before becoming available...

Old Deeds

Description Area Rewards
Rumoured: Replace a Sea Elf's limb Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern (Cleric only?) ??
The Poor Beggar needs his hand replaced! N/A (Pre-Comet Deed) N/A
Assist the slayers of the dreaded Firedrake! N/A (Pre-Comet event) N/A
Return Cpt. Durnak's lost Charter Drakenwood, Sewers 500 XP
Prince Faraj seeks his stolen dictionary Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp 750 XP, 100 Electrum, Red Fez Hat
The Wuzzie Mother seeks her Baby Alders Way, Wuzzietown 1000 XP
A lost Knight carries a report for Lord Rhaleth Swamp 1000 XP, 25 Gold
Return Red's cloak to her Alluveai's Forest 1000 XP
Replace the holy water in Aldersford's church Aldersford/Alluveai's Forest 1000 XP
Rescue 3 captives from the Hobgoblins Great Western Highway, Goblin Caves 1000 XP
Quench the corrupt Dwarven forge Valley of the Orcs,  Dwarf Forge 1000 XP
The Nag must find sanctuary... Great Western Highway, Brewery (Druid/Ranger only) 1500 XP
Return Flich's diamond to him Drakenwood, Sewers 2000 XP
The Stablehand seeks to avoid a beating! Sherwood, Nottingham Castle 2000 XP, 4 Copper
A sick Hobbit needs medicine. Aldersford, Hobbitsville 2000 XP
Saffron the Witch seeks her lost cat! Hoary Forest, Witches' Ground 2500 XP, 1000 Silver
A couple must be reuinited in death... Outland, Graveyard/Shipwreck 3000 XP
Glynn the Cleric seeks his Holy Symbol Newbieland, Graveyard
Free Ariel and get her healed. Great Western Highway, Goblin Caves 1500 XP
A meadow suffers nightly attacks by goblins Drakenwood, Meadow
Cleric Nevyn seeks his lost amulet in the earth Outland, Graveyard 5000 XP
Free prisoners on Cutlass Island Andurin Ocean, Cutlass Island
Settle the Tomb conflict for good or ill... Valena, Katkunra's Tomb
Ami is held captive by Fihr, show her courage! Rathowen, Silver Mine 10000 XP
Invoke a wicked incantation on another... Brenhaven, Palisade
A great Boar causes problems for the town... Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry
Return Gordon's ring from the depths... Drakenwood, Docks/Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern 6000 XP
An Undead horde must be driven from town! Mirrortown
An Elven princess must be freed from slavery! Ethelri-Cithan

New Deed Chains

Description Started by... Stages & Rewards
Your Journey Begins! Loman Kell, Drakenwood, Keep
Talk to Martho Malnar, Newbieland, Newbietorium
Culling the Vermin Martho, Newbie Forest

1: 75 XP, 50 Silver

2: 100 XP


Gnolls Abroad Malnar, NewbieLand, Newbietorium 2: 200 XP, 100 Silver
Kobold Problems Malnar, NewbieLand, Newbietorium

1: 100 XP

2: 20 XP

3: 50 XP, 50 Silver

4: 150 XP

Pointy Ears Make Me Mad! Kobold Chieftain, NewbieLand, Kobold Camp

1: 100 XP

2: 50 XP, 50 Silver

3: 100 XP

The Witchlings Sarla, NewbieLand, Healers

1: N/A.

2: 50 XP.

3: 100 XP, 50 Silver

4: 100 XP

5: 200 XP, Temporary Buffs

Strange Beasts Malnar, NewbieLand, Newbietorium

1: 25 Silver

2: 150 XP

Glynn's Lost Cross Glynn, Newbieland, Graveyard
The Scared Hunter Scared Hunter, NewbieLand, Khalbarn Manor 100 Silver
A New Recipe Martin, NewbieLand, Inn

1: 25 XP.


3: 50 XP, 40 Silver

Visit Rathowen! Laurie the Bard, Drakenwood 2000 XP, 250 Silver
Ogre Raiders Galgin, Rathowen, Tyrnafar 3500 XP & 2 Gold
Dragon Problems Galgin, Rathowen, Tyrnafar 1: 500 XP, 
Help the Barbarian Healer
Tattoo Set Tharn, Pine Forest, Wandering Woods 4000 XP, 2000 Silver
Arctic Wolf Pelts Fur Trapper, North of Rathowen, Tyrnafar 2000 XP & 500 Silver
Shadowy Omens
Slay Okunote Kaibutsu Amura Xiang, Rathwiel, Rosfarren
Distant Fires Sage Teigue, Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry (during equinoxes)
Caer Aesclinn Burns ??, Rosfarren, ?? (during equinox only)
Hot Day in Rathwiel ??, Rosfarren, ?? (during equinox only)
Extinguish the Firelord ??, Rosfarren, ?? (during equinox only)