Cloaks are a kind of Armour worn on the back, and whilst technically Cloth they have a bonus to the protection they grant due to their ubiquity, making them the equivalent of Leather. Thus they are very important to Necromancers, Monks and Warmages, however the limbs they cover varies and they often wear quickly. Monks can repair Cloaks with the "Sew" ability and Warmages may "Conjure" their own.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Covers Notes
Animal-Skin Coat 0 2lbs Lookout Alders Way, Wuzzie Village +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Black Veil 0 0lbs Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood H/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Brides' Veil 0 0lbs Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood H/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Dwarven Cloak 0 2lbs Guard Withered Peaks, Dwarf Outpost Dwarf only. Prot. vs. Cold lasts after removing
Dwarven Coat 0 2lbs Guard Withered Peaks, Dwarf Outpost
Gnome Coat 0 2lbs Various Alders Way, Gnome House +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Leather Coat 0 2lbs Soldier NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp H/T/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Long Leather Cloak 0-65 7lbs N/A N/A H/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF Ranger crafted
Nomad Cloak 0 2lbs Wary Nomad NewbieLand, Nomad Camp H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Shawl 0 2lbs Villager Alforpia, Plague Village
Veil 0 0lbs Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood H/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Warmage Cloak 0-45 0lbs N/A N/A +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Warmage crafted, "colour"
Woollen Cloak 0 2lbs Carruthers Newbie Forest, Oak Tree H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Shawl 3 2lbs Vilager Alforpia, Plague Village +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Coat 5 3lbs Wuzzie Guard Aldersford, Wuzzietown
Cloak of Displacement 5 3lbs Redeye Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +3 Defence
Grey Cloak 5 3lbs  Bandit Leader Aldersford, Hidden Clearing H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +5 Stealth
 Ratskin Cloak 5 3lbs Dernathok Drakenwood +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Woodland Cloak 5 3lbs Heather NewbieLand, Willow Tree H/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Woolen Cloak 5 3lbs Jacob (Vendor) Drakenwood H/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Artrell Cloak 20 4lbs Royal Guard Alforpia, Castle H/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF


Black Witch's Cloak 20 4lbs Grandma Alluveai's Forest, Addams House +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Gnome Cloak  20 4lbs Chief Alders Way, Gnome House +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Jaguarskin Shawl 20 4lbs Amazon Chieftain Jungle, Waterfall H/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Patchwork Blanket 20 4lbs N/A Sherwood, Grove of the Waterfall H/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF "Pull blanket" near Ghost
Pixie Cloak 20 4lbs Lathanel NewbieLand, Overgrown Path +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Purple Hooded Cloak 20 4lbs Rowan O'Cleirigh Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry H/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Tattered Rags 20 4lbs Skeleton Drakenwood, Shipwreck +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
White Poncho 20 4lbs Timid Bandit Omanii Desert, Bandit Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Battle Cloak 35 5lbs Jacob (Vendor) Drakenwood H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dusty Hooded Cloak 35 5lbs Various Bandits Rosfarren H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Ethereal Cloak 35 5lbs Frost Wraith Tyrnafar, Ice Caves H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ -20 HP/+50 MP?
Forest Cloak 35 5lbs Scout Rosfarren, Gnome Village +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Prot. vs. Earth?
Heavy Grey Cloak 35 5lbs Rand Sherwood, Nottingham Castle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Knitted Woolen Bratt 35 5lbs Kerra Rosfarren, Rathwiel +/T/++/++/LL/LF/++/++/RL/RF
Plain Woolen Cloak 35 5lbs Ebarel Rosfarren, Rathwiel +/T/++/++/LL/LF/++/++/RL/RF
Rich Orange Cloak 35 5lbs Turlough Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Silk Cloak 35 5lbs Jemilla Omanii Desert, Evil Nomad Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Weathered Cloak 35 5lbs Crazed Old Man Rosfarren, Abandoned Farm H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
White Fur Cloak 35 5lbs Young Ogre Guard Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Prot. vs. Cold?
Raven Cloak 40 6lbs Haelus Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF +5 Defence
Swamp Cloak 45 6lbs Swamp Man Swamp +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF Prot. vs. Poison
Black Cloak 50 7lbs Evil Presence Sherwood, Burial Chambers +/T/++/++/LL/LF/++/++/RL/RF
Black Hide Cloak 50 7lbs Guardian Swamp, Lizardmen Caves H/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Black Poncho 50 7lbs Smelly Bandit Omanii Desert, Bandit Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Brown Cloak 50 7lbs Una Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Blood Red Cloak 50 7lbs Vampyre Outland, Tomb of Thebus +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF
Blood-Red Cloak 50 7lbs Various Omanii Desert, Temple of Ogkma H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Blue Woolen Bratt 50 7lbs Cadan Rosfarren, Rathwiel +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dark Blue Cloak 50 7lbs Alsandair Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Green Hooded Cloak 50 7lbs Scout Sherwood, Cardin's Land H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Description changes
Heavy Cloak 50 7lbs Little John Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Long Cloak 50 7lbs Dryad Rosfarren, Desecrated Forest +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +4 Stealth, % to spawn
Red Long-Coat 50 7lbs Redbeard Andurin Ocean, Cutlass Island +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Vampyre Cloak 50 7lbs Vampyre Alluveai's Forest +/T/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++ Makes room Darker
White Cape 50 7lbs Lecarte Tyrnafar, Rathowen +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Witch's Cape 50 7lbs Various Witches Hoary Forest, Witches' Ground +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Blue Cloak 60 Dark Summoner Tyrnafar, Silver Mine Prot. vs. Silver?
Hoarwolf Bratt 60 8lbs Tiarnan Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Prot vs. Cold?
Blue Cloak 65 8lbs Summoner Tyrnafar, Silver Mine +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Prot. vs. Silver
Cloak of Blades 65 Reynard Tyrnafar, Ice Keep +/T/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++
Cloak of Twilight 65 8lbs Malrissa Valena, Silendria Keep +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++ Grants Scry Block for limited time
Poacher's Cloak 65 8lbs Poacher Alforpia, Poacher Camp +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF
Purple Druid's Cloak 65 8lbs Protak the Gardener Outland, Tomb of Thebus +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +5 Woodcraft if Druid
White and Gold Cloak 65 8lbs Ebarel Valena, Katkunra's Tomb +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
White Clerical Cloak 65 8lbs Cornelius Outland, Tomb of Thebus +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +5 Healing if Cleric
White Cloak 65 8lbs White Knight Miathorn, Battlefield +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
White Cloak of Brenhaven 65 8lbs Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Cloak of Blades 70 8lbs Reynard Tyrnafar, Ice Keep +/T/++/++/LL/++/++/++/RL/++ "circle", Dex reqs
Hinote Cloak 70 8lbs Hinote Vici Rosfarren, Obsidian Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF "blaze"
Chimera Hide 80 9lbs Chimera Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (17D) +/T/LA/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Cloak of Darkness 80 9lbs Spectre Mirrortown, Tower of Trials( 18D) H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Grants Rogue Stealth & +5 Stealth Skill
Forestry Cloak 80 9lbs Aldric, Disciple of the Forest Outland, Tomb of thebus +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ WC bonus?
Black Cloak 95 11lbs Drow Guard Underdark H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dun Glenderry Bratt 95 11lbs Various Guards Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry H/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF
Dun Glenderry Fallain 95 11lbs Various Guards Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Hooded Cloak 95 11lbs Fleshharrower Sherwood, Burial Chambers H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Hooded Cloak 95 11lbs Black Annis Crystal Caverns
Leather Cloak 95 11lbs Volitor Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Slavers Cloak 95 11lbs Zaldakar Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan
Velvet Cloak 95 11lbs Volitor (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Cowled Cloak 100 11lbs Lt. Zidar & Cmd. Bjorns Valena, Ruined Castle H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Duergar Cloak 110 12lbs Duergar Chief Underdark, Duergar Tunnels H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Cant Alter, if Short covers Hands & Feet
Black Silk Cloak 115 13lbs Mananda Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Amarinthine Cloak 135 1st Gurrehmat Aerdy, Erindar H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Green Velvet Cloak 150 1st Myconid King Aerdy, Myconid Tunnels +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +9 Healing for Cleric
Nenreph Guardsmans Cloak 155 1st Hiranjan Aerdy, Nenreph Fortress H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Q.I
Nenreph Sergeant's Cloak 160 1st Various Sergeants Aerdy, Nenreph Fortress H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Q.I
Olfric's Velvet Cloak 160 1st Olfric the Magnificent Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Cloak of Eyes 165? 1st Lareth Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan "show"