These Bashing weapons are wielded in one hand and tend to be slightly weighty. The stronger the wielder, the more damage a Blunt will do and Fighters, Druids and Clerics often favour these weapons Blunt weapons can only currently be stored in bags.

Races with modifiers to this skill are Dwarves (+5) and Satyrs (+5).

Fighters may also Specialise in Blunt twice, gaining +5 each time they do so.

Certain magical effects have been known to grant a temporary +5 bonus too. (Q.I)

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Type Notes
Barbed Flail 0 1st Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown Bash
Bible 0 1st Missionary Jungle Bash
Bottle 0 1st "search stumps" Jungle, Ruins of Sparsis Bash Destroyed after one hit
Broken Branch 0 1st "search branch" Aldersford, Thornie Woods Bash "dig"
Chicken Bone 0 1st "eat leg" Aldersford, Wuzzietown Bash "grab leg" at trap
Dark Sceptre 0 1st Dark Priest NewbieLand, Graveyard Bash/Unholy Destroys a certain Mob
Dead Chicken 0 1st Feasa Drakenwood, Meadow Bash
Dusty Broom 0 1st Victor Alders Way, Alchemist's Mansion
Feather Duster 0 1st Victor Alders Way, Alchemist's Mansion Bash
Flail 0 1st Various Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves & Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (3D) Bash
Gnome Mace 0 1st Various Alders Way, Gnome House Bash
Goblin Club 0 1st Goblin Guard Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Bash
Goblin Mace 0 1st Various Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Bash
Hammer 0 1st Orc Sculptor Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge Bash
Handbag 0 1st Thornapple NewbieLand, Pixie Village Bash
Holy Hammer of Hoggoth 0/40 0lbs N/A N/A Bash/Holy Cleric crafted. Extra damage vs. Undead/Evil
Holy Mace of Oliphant 0/60 0lbs N/A N/A Bash/Holy Cleric crafted. Extra damage vs. Undead/Evil
Kobold Club 0 1st Various Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower Bash
Large Club 0 1st Ettin NewbieLand, Dark Cave Bash
Misty Form Of Vampire 0 4lbs Vampire Tyrnafar, Ice Caves Bash
Mound Of Blob 0 1st Blob Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Destroyed after 1 minute
Mound Of Cube 0 1st Cube Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Destroyed after 1 minute
Mound Of Ooze 0 1st Ooze Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Destroyed after 1 minute
Old Spiked Mace 0 1st Kobold Zombie Newbie Forest, Burial Grounds Bash Damage special
Old Sponge 0 1st Victor Alders Way, Alchemist's Mansion Bash
Rolling Pin 0 1st Zombie Chef Withered Peaks, Haunted House Bash
Rusty Pickaxe 0 1st Battered Snotling Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Bash
Short Shovel 0 1st Various Snotlings Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Bash
Shovel 0 1st N/A Drakenwood, Milton Farm Bash "dig"
Shruti-Farsi Dictionary 0 1st N/A Omanii Desert, Evil nomad Camp Bash Sought by Prince Faraj
Small Club 0 1st Kobold Newbie Forest, Kobold Camp Bash
Small Cosh 0 1st Guard Alforpia, Castle Bash
Small Wooden Club 0 1st Guard Alders Way, Wuzzietown Bash
Steel Hammer 0 1st Norbert Mirrortown Bash
Spade 0 1st Tanor (Vendor) Various Bash
Stout Branch 0 1st N/A Alders Way, Wuzzietown Bash Found on path
Sturdy Mop 0 1st Jasline Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Walking Stick 0 1st Farmer Aldersford, Hobbitsville Bash
Witch's Broomstick 0 1st Kathy NewbieLand, Witchling Cavern Bash
Wooden Club 0 1st Caveman Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (3U) Bash
Wooden Spoon 0 1st Esmerelda Newbie Forest, Oak Tree Bash
Heavy Cudgel 5 1st Bandit Aldersford, Hidden Clearing Bash
Palace Guard's Mace 5 1st Guard Aldersford, Maze Bash
Rusty Shovel 5 1st N/A Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Bash
Stout Club 5 1st Elite Warrior Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower Bash
Golden Sceptre 10 1st Khalbarn's Ghost NewbieLand, Khalbarn Manor Bash
Iron Mace 10 1st Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown Bash
Jesters Stick 10 1st Adrian Alforpia, Castle Bash
Old Mop 10 1st Victor Alders Way, Alchemist's Mansion Bash
Stone Club 10 1st Cave Troll Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge Bash
Truncheon 10 1st Cousin It Alluveai's Forest, Addams House Bash
Battle Flail 15 2st Minotaur Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (9D) Bash Extra APR
Heavy Club 15 2st Merry Man Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp Bash
Parasol 15 2st "slide down" Alluveai's Forest, Magic Land Bash Breaks in combat
Black Mace 20 2st Zombie Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid Bash
Cruel Mace 20 2st Hobgoblin Captain Withered Peaks, Hobgoblin Caves Bash
Mean Looking Club 20 2st Friar Tuck Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp Bash
Red Hot Poker 20 2st Hobgoblin Torturer Withered Peaks, Hobgoblin Caves Bash/Fire
Small Stone Hammer 20 2st Lucian Drakenwood, Sewers Bash
Beaten Lute 25 2st Bryan Scarlett Aldersford, Maze Bash Extra APR?
Broom 25 2st Arlize Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Flanged Mace 25 2st Lytira (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Iron Mace 25 2st Guard Miathorn, Castle Bash
Orc Mace 25 2st Chakrak Jungle, Ruins of Sparsis Bash
Scarlet's Lute 25 2st Brian Scarlet Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Bash Damage specials
Heavy Looking Cudgel 30 2st Villager Alforpia, Plague Village Bash
Spiked Club 30 2st Various Torelorn Mountains, Bugbear Caves Bash
Wooden Club 30 2st Cousin It Alluveai's Forest, Addams House Bash
Dull Iron Mace 35 2st Court Patrol Guard Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Bash
Flail Of Divine Might 35 2st Clarissa Drakenwood, Sewers Bash/Holy
Heavy Club 35 2st Ogre Outland, Tomb of Thebus Bash
Iron-Bound Club 35 2st Troll Youth Outland, Tomb of Thebus Bash
Moon Sceptre 35 2st Borad Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Orc Mace 35 2st Orc Outland, Tomb of Thebus Bash
Silver Mace 35 2st Silver Knight Miathorn, Battlefield Bash Silver?
Bloodied Club 40 2st Young Guard Rathowen, Ogre Caves Bash
Cruel Morningstar 40 2st Orog Valena, Rolling Hills Bash
Wheel Hammer 40 2st Oroth Valena, Brenhaven Bash Stun special?
Bloodied Flail 45 2st Large Ogre Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves Bash
Iron Cudgel 45 3st Akeggu Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Bash
Small Runic Wand 45 3st Various Witches Hoary Forest, Witches' Ground Fire
Spiked Wooden Mace 45 2st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event Bash
Warhammer of Bane 45 3st Garm Drakenwood, Sea Caves Bash Extra damage special
Ashwood Hammer 50 3st Jruvett Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Bash
Black Mace 50 3st Tarakhul Alforpia, Castle Bash
Conical Mace 50 3st Sewerjack Drakenwood, Sewers Bash
Giant Femur 50 3st Mad Cannibal Jungle, Cannibal Village Bash
Iron Club 50 3st Lizardman Warrior Swamp, Lizardmen Caves Bash
Large Bone 50 3st Humanoid Skeleton Drakenwood, Sewers Bash
Metal Hammer 50 3st Smithy Omanii Desert, Evil Nomad Camp Bash
Old Sailors Club 50 3st Drowned One Valena, River Taerlin Bash
Rough Cudgel 50 3st Manus Egan Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry
Steel Mace 50 3st Various Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event
Sturdy Stick 50 3st Herder Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp Bash
Tenderising Mallet 50 3st Cook Miathorn, Castle Bash
Battle Mace 55 3st Sid the Troll Andurin Ocean, Covah Island Bash
Cobbler's Mallet 55 3st Kenan Rosfarren, Rathwiel
Heavy Branch 55 3st Green Slykk Swamp, Slykk Territory Bash
Miners Hammer 55 3st Skeleton Tyrnafar, Silver Mine Bash
Orc Skull Mace 55 3st Efir Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Bash
Runic Wand 55 3 st Saffron Hoary Forest, Witches' Ground Bash/Fire


Spiked Club 55 3st Cyclops Outland, Tomb of thebus Bash
Warhammer of Eregia 55 3st Smith Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Has Warmage Staff specials
Golden Mace 60 3st Realm of Illusion Neg. align. req.?
Ice-Encrusted Club 60 3st Chieftain Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves Bash/Cold Damage special
Ice Mace 60 3st Sergeant Sherwood, Cardin's Land Bash/Cold
Knobbly Club 60 3st War Leader Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves Bash
Large Steel Mace 60 3st Cleric Sherwood, Cardin's Land Bash
Stone Club 60 3st Nyult Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Bash
Ornamental Mace 65 4st Prince Faraj Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp Bash
Reinforced Cudgel 65 5st Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash
Smith's Hammer 65 5st Smith Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash/Fire Damage specials
Barbed Flail 70 4st Undead Chieftain Tyrnafar, Ice Caves Bash Damage special
Guards' Ceremonial Mace 70 4st Door Guard Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Rock Axe 70 4st Dwarf Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Bash
Rock Hammer 70 4st Dwarf Worker Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Bash
Rock Mace 70 4st Dwarf Worker Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Bash
Earth Mace 75 4st Beast Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Bash/Earth
Giant Silver Warhammer 75 2st N/A N/A Bash Silver, +3 Str, damage specials
Heavy Baton 75 2st Durn Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Mahogany Club 75 6st Native Warrior Andurin Ocean, Wolumbo Island Bash Unusual damage descriptions
Silver Hammer 75 2st Ulf Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island Bash "thurs" turns into Giant Silver Warhammer
Smith's Hammer 75 4st Georgina Aldersford, Fighter Guild Bash
Stone Mace 75 4st Black Knight Miathorn, Battlefield Bash
Clerical Mace 80 4st Cornelius Outland, Tomb of Thebus Bash
Lead Pipe 80 4st `Grogmeister Alforpia, Poacher Camp Bash
Hammer of Thunderbolts 80 4st Boris Crystal Caverns Bash/Air Dwarf only, Prot. vs Air, Air damage specials, Extra damage vs. Giants
Guard's Steel Mace 85 4st Lanie Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Hammer of Power 85 4st Necromancer Leader Omanii Desert, Temple of Ogkma Bash +3 Str, AoE Stun special, "slam"?
Heavy steel Mace 85 4st Nadia Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Morning Star 85 4st Moss Creature Sherwood, Burial Chambers Bash
Polished Steel Mace 85 4st Various Guards Drakenwood Bash
Walking Stick 85 4st Eyjolf Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island Bash
Ancient Mace 90 5st Orayne Andurin Ocean, Isle of Dread
Steel Spiked Mace 90 5st Etar Valena, Castle Ruins Bash
Cavalry Hammer 95 5st Haz Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Heavy Iron Warhammer 95 5st Seginus Valena, Brenhaven Bash
Long-Handled Mace 95 5st Raglan Valena, Brenhaven Bash Height restricted (Tall)
Rock Club 95 5st Various Trolls Withered Peaks, Troll Caves (Lv.2) Bash
Silver Sceptre 95 5st Guardian Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (18U) Bash/Holy
Spiked Mallet 95 5st Cmd. Bjorns Valena, Castle Ruins Bash Damage special
Heavy Morning Star 100 5st Various Guards Valena, Silendria Keep Bash
Holy Battle Mace 100 5st Elaina Valena, Brenhaven Bash/Holy Saintly needed, Holy damage specials
Jagged Mace 100 5st Disfigured Bandit Valena, Summer Highway (South Road) Bash
Sap 100 5st Mugger Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash Knockout special, Rogue only?
Darkmace 105 5st Wight Sherwood, Burial Chambers Bash
Silver Battle Mace 105 5st Lucas/Jerin Valena, Silendria Keep Bash
Small Silver Mace 110 6st Neyla Valena, Silendria Keep Bash
Spiked Mace 110 6st Spriggan Guard Underdark, Crypt
Cast Iron Mace 115 6st Evil Cleric Underdark, Crypt Bash
Engraved Mace 115 6st Argalrax (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash
Rod of Ruin 115 6st Baal Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (20D) Neg. align. req, "ruin", "maim"
Tree Trunk 115 6st Hill Giant Valena, Rolling Hills Bash Over 12' to wield
Wooden Mace 115 6st Fat Ogre Underdark, Crypt Bash
Glowing Mace 125 6st Kalena Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash Neg. align. req
Mace of Disruption 130 7st Tawl Valena, Silendria Keep Bash/Holy Damage specials, chance to instakill Undead
Onyx Hammer 135 7st Mananda Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash Neutral or lower req, lowers alignment per hit to fuel damage special, less damage when full Demonic reached
Temple Guards Hammer 135 7st Elite Guard Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash
Necro Mace 145 Talenda Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash/Unholy "strike" drains your HP to increase damage, drains your MP, lowers your alignment per hit
Drow Battle Mace 155 Charinda Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash/Unholy Nefarious align. needed, Unholy damage specials

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